A dampness underlayment is the material that is placed on all concrete subfloors prior to the installation of the laminate wood flooring. This underlayment prevents any water or moisture that is present in the concrete from attainment the laminate wood floors. Note that a moisture underlayment is only used on concrete subfloors and should not be placed over raised wooden subfloors. This moisture underlayment is accessible in rolls ranging from 100s/ft to 1000s/ft and is generally 4' in width.

3mm Soundproof Green Foil Underlayment

3mm Soundproof Green Foil Underlayment

3mm Soundproof Foil Underlayment

3mm Soundproof Underlayment

3mm Silver Foil Underlayment

3mm Silver Underlayment

High End Material

This material is generally made from plastic or a type of Poly and ranges from 2 to 10mm in thickness. Roll the underlayment out over the concrete subfloor, overlap the edges and use duck tape to keep in position and ensure a water-resistant seal. Overlapping will prevent any moisture from seeping through the edges. Also be sure to place the underlayment all the way to the wall and slightly up the wall to ensure a good seal. Do not use masking tape instead of duck tape as it makes a noise when walked on and is not waterproof.


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