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Benefits Of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is an excellent choice if you want a home that has the beautiful look of real wood floors without the high cost. When you buy real wood, you are paying more because you are also buying a lot of material that you will never see. With laminate floors, you are only paying for the top layer; you are only paying for what you see and use. It is easy to have the material rolled out over the concrete of your floor. You can also roll more out very quickly and easily if you need to do any repairs. If you have been avoiding this material despite these advantages because you are not sure that you can get what you want, do not worry. There are many styles and colors for you to choose from.

The Styles

You can buy Laminate Wood flooring to look like any type of real wood that you desire. Oak is a popular choice because it is so often used with real wood floors, but you do not have to be confined only to that option. You can choose between sandalwood, teak, rosewood, maple, ash, cheery, walnut and much else. If you want the exotic look of bamboo, you can choose that as well. Many of these woods are combined with the colors discussed below to give them a truly great look. You can choose the elegant look of oak, for example, with a few different types of stain to give your home the color that you desire along with any sort of grain and design.

The Colors

As far as colors are concerned, you have a lot of flexibility. In the same way that traditional Wood Flooring can be stained to match a home, Laminate Floors can come with this same look and appeal. Many of the different types of wood are also different colors. Walnut and mahogany will provide you with a rich, dark floor, for instance, while cherry will provide you with a red-gold that shines brightly. Ash and maple are light and can come stained to a darker brown or left light with just the appearance of a clear coat.

Hand Scraping

If you really want your floor to look like actual wood, there are hand-scraped options as well. These have the lines and groves in them that appear when slabs of wood are scraped down to make them the right size.